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[52]топикMeanness Laws' Effect on Jerome's Characters
[56]топикNew York
[58]топикMy Childhood Memories
[59]топикAre young people today slaves to fashion?
[60]топикMy Room
[61]топикTrade in Estonia in the Past and Present
[62]топикProblems At School
[65]топикUranus and Neptune
[68]топикEarth and Moon
[69]топикOur heroes are remembered
[71]топикChoosing a career
[73]топикThe US Educational System
[74]топикBusiness trip
[75]топикTV in my life
[76]топикThe National Emblem of the Republic of Kazakhstan
[78]топикThe British Educational System
[79]топикNational Sports of Great Britain
[80]топик“Rain Man” - Movie Review
[81]топикNew Zealand
[82]топикThe United States of America
[83]топикMy hobby
[84]топикEstonian Towns
[85]топикWhat type of toys do the kids prefer nowadays?
[86]топикThere is Nothing LikeVisiting Narva
[87]топикA holyday which went wrong
[88]топикReview of Bill Gates’s book ”Business @ the Speed of Thought”
[89]топикA new weapon shooting from behind a corner is invented in Israel
[90]топикLeisure time
[91]топикKeeping fit
[92]топикLearning languages
[93]топикChoosing the future profession
[94]топик20-th century music styles
[95]топикReading books
[96]топикAbout myself
[97]топикWhich languages are the hardest to learn?
[100]топикRussian political system, history and culture

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